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Search Tips

Search for People

  • Choose Employee or Student, and enter any piece of identifying information such as a first or last name, phone number, email, uNID or job title.
  • Exact matches in alphabetical order are returned first, followed by similar matches.
  • Use a first or last initial, or portion of a name or phone number to expand results.

Search for Departments and Organizations

  • Choose Department/Organization and enter a word, portion of a word, or ORG ID number.
  • Exact matches in alphabetical order are returned first, followed by similar matches.
  • A list of employees belonging to that organization is included in the department details.

Advanced Search

Use Advanced Search to narrow results by combining two or more criteria, or to expand results by searching only portions of words or names. Advanced search will return exact matches only.
For example:

  • A search for the name “John” will not return a result for Jon or Jonathan.
  • Changing the searched name to “Jo” may produce a greater number of relevant results for John, but may also include Joe, Joshua and Jordan.
  • Searching “Jo” for both the first and last name will narrow results for John Jones, but will also return results for Josh Johnson, and Johanna Jorgensen.

A to Z Department Directory

  • Click on any letter along the top of the directory for an alphabetical list of departments and organizations beginning with that letter.

Combining People and Department Searches

Information for People and Departments comes from different data sources, so combining searches between the two directories is not possible.


If you need further assistance, please contact the Campus Operators at 801-581-7200 or send an email to operators@utah.edu