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How to Update Your Directory Listing

Student Update Instructions
Employee Update Instructions
Payroll Reporter Instructions
Organization/Department Update Instructions

Student Update Instructions

Students can edit their address or phone number by logging in to Campus Information Services (CIS) either in their Student Profile or selecting one of the edit links in the “Update Student Profile” box. Student records at the University of Utah are governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Under the Act, directory information is considered to be public information unless the student requests it to be kept confidential. Students can request the nondisclosure of directory information by logging in to CIS and selecting “FERPA Directory Information Authorization” link in the “Student Records” box. Students should contact the Registrar’s Office regarding other changes to their student record.
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Employee Update Instructions

Faculty and Staff can edit their email address by logging into Campus Information System (CIS) and clicking on the “Personal Bio/Demo Information” link. Other changes must be submitted by a Payroll Reporter.
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Payroll Reporter Instructions

Access to D-JOBS:

  1. Sign on to the Campus Information System (CIS)
  2. Go to the Human Resource Management Pagelet and choose Department Job Summary (D-JOBS
  1. Choose the Dept ID to display the employees in either the Home or Reporting ORG/Department.
  2. Find the employee for which you want to change directory information.
  3. In the left column select “U.” (Update).  The current employee directory information will then display.  You can use this screen to correct the email address, the Work Phone Number and change Business title, the physical address that you want displayed in the directory.

Employee Directory Info

  1. Go to the Campus Directory Information at the bottom of the screen and select a value from the drop down list for the Department that should be displayed for the employee.
  2. Select a location from the drop down list for the address that should be displayed for the employee.
  3. Press the “Update Info” button to complete the change. 

Please note that this will not change the mail delivery which is based on Home Department Address.

If you have questions about this procedure, please contact Sandy Hughes at 801-581-6455.
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Organization/Department Update Instructions

University of Utah organization/department information is displayed throughout the campus directory. Each entry has one title, address, phone number and administrative role. If any of these elements are not correct, an authorized payroll reporter should submit requests for changes using the PDF available via the following link. All change requests are kept on file for review as needed. View the organization/department change request form.
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