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My information is wrong, how can I get it corrected?

Faculty and staff can edit their email address by logging in to the Campus Information Services (CIS) portal and clicking on the “Personal Bio/Demo Information” link in the “My Human Resources/Payroll” box. Other changes must be submitted by a payroll reporter using the ePAF System.

Students can edit their address and phone number by logging into Campus Information Services (CIS), selecting the Student Homepage tile, then selecting the icon showing their name and uNID. Students should contact the Registrar’s Office regarding other changes to their student records.

Can I show my Gmail or Yahoo address instead of my UMail address?

Faculty and staff can choose what email address to use for the directory by logging in to CIS and clicking on the “Personal Bio/Demo Information” link in the “My Human Resources/Payroll” box.

UMail is the official email address for use in the Student Directory. However, students can set their UMail address to forward to another email domain or provider by logging in to uNID Tools at https://unid.utah.edu.

Why does my employee email address in CIS show up in the campus directory instead of my UMail address?

University staff may choose what email address appears in the campus directory. If you prefer your UMail address to appear in the directory, you can log into CIS and change your email by clicking on "Personal Bio/Demo Information."

Where else do employee email addresses in CIS get used?

HR uses the email address in CIS to communicate with University of Utah faculty and staff.

I’m a student. Can I choose not to be included in the directory?

As per the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students may elect to keep their directory information confidential by logging in to CIS and selecting “Change Release Authorization” in the Student Records section. A change form may also be submitted in person at the Registration Division in the Student Services Building.

Can I choose what information is displayed?

The FERPA release authorization for students can be set to public or confidential only. It is not possible to have some information displayed and some kept hidden.

How long will it take for changes to show in the directory?
  • Changes submitted through CIS will show in the directory the following day.
  • Changes submitted by payroll reporters usually show within 24 hours.
  • Changes to a student’s FERPA release authorization made via CIS usually show the following day. Changes made by submitting a paper change form can take up to ten days to process.
My uNID shows in my email address. Can I change that?

Students should create at least one personalized UMail “alias” by logging in to uNID Tools at https://unid.utah.edu. Students can maintain up to three UMail aliases, and may designate which alias to enable as their primary reply-to address.

Why doesn’t my organization show up in the department directory?

The information in the department directory comes out of the university’s financial data system. Not all departments and organizations are assigned their own ORG ID by the university, which is necessary to be included in the directory.

I’m a faculty member and not all of my department affiliations are showing. How can I fix that?

Ask your payroll reporter to verify that all of your faculty appointments have been submitted via the ePAF System.

Can I choose which affiliations to include?

All faculty appointments submitted via the ePAF system will be listed. It is not possible to select which affiliations to include.

Can I change or update my faculty title?

Your payroll reporter should send requests for changes or corrections to the Faculty Development Office in Academic Affairs. Your payroll reporter can also submit a request via the ePAF System to create a business title that can be used in the directory instead of your default faculty title.

I’m not a U employee but I’m working with the U on a long-term project. Can I be listed in the directory?

If you’ve been set up as a University Affiliate/POI through Human Resources you may be eligible to be included in the directory. A department representative should contact Human Resources to find out.